Is a bridal hair and makeup trial absolutely necessary?

It isn’t mandatory to book a trial before the big day but it is highly recommended as it gives the artist and bride a chance to meet before the wedding to work-out the exact look you’ll be showcasing on your special day. Not only does it allow for the day to run exactly as planned and any tweaks and adjustments to be mapped out, but the 2nd time around will only be better! Does your hair hold curl? Will the condition, texture, length allow you to achieve that amazing style you have your heart set on? These are important questions that shouldn't be left until your wedding day. During your hair and makeup trial we can also determine how long we will need to produce the best outcome on the big day. This tends to put brides at ease and make them more comfortable when they are relaxed. Some brides book the trail the same day as the rehersal dinner to get the most benefit from the service, but in the end if you really don’t want to book a trial, that is alright too. I know that a trial run is not an option for all brides because of busy schedules or perhaps the budget doesn't allow for it.

Do you travel to me on the wedding day? If so, what do you charge for travel?

Yes! We travel to you for the wedding day, this makes it more convenient for you, and we will be in the comfort of your own home or location for the trial/wedding day. Additional travel fee may apply for weddings in Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta areas.

How long should I allow for my trial?

Every client’s requirements are different but on the average I would say to allow around three hours and a half of daylight time. This seems like a long time, but please remember this is a professional and specialist service. You will receive quality time and you will find the time will fly by. It is important that the trial takes place during daylight hours as we are creating a daylight make-up which is extremely difficult to do if we are working in false light.

How far in advance should I book you?

It’s never too early! The sooner you book, the more likely it is that we will have your date available. We usually book up to 8-12 months in advance for weekends. We sometimes have last minute availability though, so even if your wedding is coming up very soon, feel free to check with us anyway in case we have a spot open.

How do I secure you for my wedding date?

Please note that inquiring about a certain date does not guarantee you that date. To save your date, it is necessary to make a PayPal deposit in order to book your reservation.

Can my bridesmaid and mother have a trial?

I don’t believe this is necessary unless they have any concerns about hair and makeup, in which case, then yes of course they can have a trial. All we ask is that this is scheduled for the same day as the bride’s trial as it is more cost effective for everybody.

How many people can you fit in on the wedding day?

As many as you need! If you have a very large party as many artists as needed will attend to your wedding services.

What brands of makeup and hair products do you use?

All of the hair and makeup products that I use are Professional Brands that are designed to give long lasting results and photograph beautifully.

What if someone else is interested in the same date? what’s the policy like?

Bookings are a first come, on first serve basis, meaning the first client who sends the retainer is booked for the date. Availability may change at any time without prior notice, so if you are interested, I would recommend securing your date as soon as you feel able.

Do you ever do multiple events in a day?

I personally limit myself to one wedding a day. Though I might be booked out, I do have a professional artist team still available for your big day!

Why is the bride’s hair & makeup more expensive than the bridal party?

For starters, more time and attention is spent with the bride from the very first day of contact, up until the day of the wedding. From phone calls, emails, contracts, and creating schedule days, to the extra time spent getting the bride ready on her big day which includes: Placing her veil, additional touch-up time, and spending extra time on her hair & makeup. Our focus is always on her.

Do I wash my hair the morning of the trial/wedding?

If you’re are going to have an up-do I would suggest that you wash your hair the night before. If you are accustomed to washing your hair every day, then wash it the morning of the trial and wedding day. If you wash it every three to four days, then the day before will suffice.

How long does it take to get everyone ready the morning of the wedding?

This information will be given to you at the time of booking. Along with the confirmation of your reservation, you will receive your payment status and a beauty timeline proposal for the services on the wedding day.